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Lifetec – January Article
Melissa’s Story – Jennifer Poppe What role does an occupational therapist play when working with people to select the best[...]
Lifetec; February Article
Ann’s Story - Alicia Perry How did LifeTec work with Ann to gain freedom and achieve greater independence? LifeTec uses[...]
Is Chronic Pain creating Obesity?
In my 31 years of practice as a physiotherapist it has been obvious that there could be a link between[...]
6 Ways to transform your body from a Tech Wreck into a Strong Healthy Active Body
If you have a mobile phone, laptop or tablet and you get neck, upper back or lower back pain chances[...]
How to foam roll your neck
Watch this video to get a simple foam roller technique to trigger point your neck, to relieve neck  pain, fast!You[...]
3 steps to get you back into running after having a baby
I am sure that if you are a runner or were a runner and have recently had a baby you[...]
5 ways to avoid the insurance run-around
Insurers can be hard work. Why you should be writing everything down. Notes can be essential two or six or[...]
Part 4: How much is my claim worth? – Pain & Suffering
Emily Billiau Principal It is a significant part of a compensation claim. Particularly for those who cannot claim wage losses,[...]
Part 3: How much is my claim worth? – Medical Expenses
Emily Billiau Principal Medical Expenses are a crucial part of all claims for compensation. Why? Well apart from the obvious[...]
Part 2: How much is my claim worth? – Care Costs
Emily BilliauPrincipalCare costs can be the single most significant component of a claim. Particularly when the injured party doesn’t work (therefore[...]
Part 1: How much is my claim worth? – Future Economic Loss
Emily Billiau Principal ​Most people have heard of personal injury claims but very few would understand what quantum is. …and[...]
The 1 thing no one discusses about near-misses
We don’t need to explain the phenomenon of near-misses.They happen far, far too often on our roads.We often hear stories[...]
Tips For Rehab After Knee Surgery From A Physio
Knee surgery. The concept can make even the strongest person cringe in sympathetic pain. We contacted Physiotherapist Martin Coote from[...]
How to eat your way to recovery – Part 2: Migration Stage
When you suffer an injury, your first thought might be to seek treatment from a doctor or physiotherapist. And while[...]
1 Simple Exercise to relieve Neck Pain Now
If you have a neck injury which may have resulted from a motor vehicle accident, a fall or an injury[...]
Part 3: What to do at each stage of your recovery: The final phase
Whether you have rolled your ankle, broken a rib or torn a ligament, your body goes through the same painful[...]
Knee Pain? You Should See a Chiro
If you have ever suffered a knee injury, you would be well aware that it feels like your knee never[...]
5 Office Exercises for Relieving Neck Pain
You wouldn’t go running, bench press or sit in a car for 8 hours continuously without a break or two[...]
10 tips on preventing cyclist injuries from Queen Street Physiotherapy
Cycling...... A sport I’ve tried my best to wrap my head around for a long time, but for the life[...]
Shoulder injury not getting better? Could it be the Rotator Cuff?
Have you injured your shoulder? Whether it is the result of a crash, accident or repetitive use strain, shoulder pain[...]
7 Tips For Women on Staying Strong and Healthy at Any Age
It is essential these days to maintain strength and health. We are all living longer and what is the point[...]
5 Reasons Why Cyclists Get Neck Pain and What You Can Do About It
Are you a cyclist who sometimes or often gets neck pain during or after your ride?  Do you suffer from[...]
Eat your way to recovery – Part 1: Inflammation
When you suffer an injury, your first thought might be to seek treatment from a doctor or physiotherapist. And while[...]
Heavy Schoolbags Hurt Kids Backs
With kids returning to school, it’s easy for them to wear their school bag incorrectly. When your child puts a[...]
What is Text Neck?
Text neck is common with the use of technology. Looking down at your mobile phone, ipad or laptop for too[...]
How assistive technology can help a young quadriplegic gain independence
Gaining independence after a life changing accident can often be the single hardest accomplishment someone makes. And it so happens[...]
Cycle Injury….. Falling On an Outstretched Arm
FOOSH is short for Falling On an Outstretched Arm and is common in sports like cycling, snowboarding or skateboarding.  This[...]
3 Simple Techniques to Get to Sleep with a Whiplash Injury
For this month's contribution from Maximize Health Group, we decided to get some advice on how to get to sleep[...]
How to Conduct the “Nommo Inquisition”
Top tips for bathroom modifications: Working with small bathrooms
Bathrooms are often the first area of a home that needs addressing when someone's mobility is affected. Think tight doorways,[...]
Part 2: What to do at each stage of your recovery: The next 2 weeks
Whether you have rolled your ankle, broken a rib or torn a ligament, your body goes through the same painful[...]
The bridge that threatens to wipe out all cyclists.
"“The government has knowingly left a substantial hazard for cyclists. Every time it rains a new cyclist is injured. In[...]
1 Simple Legislative Change That Would See More Motorists Prosecuted
In June 1817, Karl Drai’s a prolific German inventor, took his two-wheeled Laufmaschine (“running machine”) for a 13 kilometre ride[...]
The 3 Step Powerplay (That Gets the Police to Investigate Cyclist’s Complaints)
" "Fortunately for cyclists you can force a police investigation into the actions of dangerous drivers.  Just follow a simple[...]
8 Reasons the 1m Rule Could Cost Motorists $000’s in 2018
" "Every motorist that overtakes a rider within the legally-required 1 metre could be liable for the mental harm they[...]
2 Things Cyclists Need To Get Police To Take Action Against Dangerous Drivers
You need evidence.  And the two big ones will be video evidence and your own statement.  But it's not 'what'[...]
3 Reasons Why Motorists Can’t Push Cyclists Off the Edge
You don’t have to ride on the shoulder of the road.The law of the left edgeIn Queensland, the Transport Operations[...]
Leading Brisbane Lawyer Urges Cyclists To Get Video
In recent years on-bike-cameras have emerged as a must-have among cyclists.They have also become a common feature in social media,[...]
Road to Recovery: Top tips to get back after an accident
For this month's contribution from Maximize Health Group, we decided to get some advice on accident recovery. We have again enlisted the[...]
It’s time to stop hating on Cyclists!
Cycle Law support Emma Snowsill’s recent plea to motorists.We, just like Emma Snowsill, are pleading with motorists to make our[...]
Back Pain Mythbusting 3 – Stress Doesn’t Impact Your Recovery
Back pain is an extremely common complaint. We frequently hear of back pain and injuries from our clients, and have[...]
Calculating lost income: Why you should call in an expert
An injury often leads to time away from work. Whether you’re an employee, a contractor or a business owner; this[...]
Cyclists have a right to be on our roads
Cycle Law wishes to support the recent Bicycle Queensland white helmet campaign.We, just like Bicycle Queensland, are pleading with Queenslanders[...]
Dietitian vs. Nutritionist: What is the Difference?
Many people mistakenly use the terms ‘dietitian’ and ‘nutritionist’ interchangeably. Although these two professions are undoubtedly related, they maintain distinctive[...]
First in Best Kept! – Why Early Medical Intervention Produces Better Outcomes for People Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident
Having a motor vehicle accident is a stressful time, let alone dealing with the legal proceedings that may follow. Even[...]
How a Chiropractor Assesses Back Pain
Back pain features heavily on our website because it is such a common complaint from our clients. However, when it comes[...]
Part 1: What to do at each stage of your recovery: The first 3 days
Whether you have rolled your ankle, broken a rib or torn a ligament, your body goes through the same painful[...]
Back Pain Myth Busting 2: Severe pain means severe damage
Back pain is an extremely common complaint. We frequently hear of back pain and injuries from our clients, and have[...]
Bathroom Accessibility Modifications: How old is too old?
Bathrooms are often the first area of a home that needs addressing when someone's mobility is affected. Think tight doorways,[...]
Back Pain Myth Busting 1 – Movement and exercise is bad
Back pain is an extremely common complaint. We frequently hear of back pain and injuries from our clients, and have[...]
Top 4 Tips to Stopping Cyclist’s Cramps
Cramps. They are the death of every cyclist. We have enlisted the help of Physiotherapist, Sean McCoola from Maximize Health Group[...]
Veteran cyclist sues local council over dodgy grate
A passionate cyclist who became a quadriplegic after his bicycle wheel got caught in a treacherous drainage grate is suing[...]
Cyclist found at fault for hitting an obstacle and colliding with fellow cyclist
The Facts Michael Franklin lived in Canberra and rode his bicycle to and from work each day.  He regularly rode home[...]
Cyclist involved in dooring accident awarded $700,000
The FactsHeather Bolton was cycling along Pittwater Road, Sydney with five of her friends when suddenly she found herself splayed[...]
Horrific road rage attack leaves courier cyclist with serious injuries
The FactsA motorist who drove at a cyclist in the UK, knocking him off his bicycle and throwing him into[...]
Cyclist who collided with boom gate sues Council for $1.16 million
Champion cyclist Alex Simmons had trained daily on the same stretch of bike route through an open boom gate near[...]
US Cyclist received almost $4 million after following old signs on ‘dilapidated’ road
The SummaryA Rabbi who suffered permanent traumatic brain injuries after his bicycle was struck by a car has received US[...]
Bus V Bike: A win for Cyclists
The FactsA 38-year-old cyclist, who collided with a bus passenger exiting a bus, has been awarded €15,000 (AUD $22,401.60) in[...]
How to treat whiplash for cyclists
Have you or your cycling mates ever experienced a cycle whiplash? Recovering from a cycling accident can take months. The[...]
How to choose the right compensation lawyer
We know you are looking for a lawyer to help you so we have created a checklist for you to[...]
Cyclist misses out on claim for gratuitous care
The FactsGary Land was leading a single file peloton along the left shoulder of Airport Drive, Eagle Farm when a[...]
Cyclist hit by car is awarded $440,000 in damages
The FactsJason, an active and fit 37 year old, was a passionate cyclist. He rode his bike to and from[...]
Solicitor sues bike instructor after tragic mountain biking accident
The FactsAsif Ahmed, a 47 year old lawyer in the UK, had owned a mountain bike for 12 years.  He[...]
Cyclist awarded $150,000 from pot hole accident
[h2_heading]The Facts[/h2_heading] Tom was cycling along a main Brisbane road with his mate. As a professional athlete, he had taken[...]
Cyclist proves police evidence is unreliable
The Facts (Nominal Defendant v Rooskov)On 18 May 2005, Nigel rode his mountain bike to the local bowls club. Whilst[...]
No Helmet? Drunk? No Problem!
EMILY BILLIAU Principal If a driver intentionally hits or runs a cyclist off the road, they are liable for that[...]
Can I use a video recording as evidence? Will it prove I wasn’t at fault?
By Emily Billiau | Associate | [email protected]     Every week, we speak to cyclists who have been injured on[...]
5 Reasons Why Bicycles Should Not Be Registered
Hopping on his bike for his ride home, Jeff had decided to head home a little earlier than usual on Thursday[...]
Push for Brisbane CBD Bike Paths to Protect City Cyclists
Unfortunately, unprotected bike routes and footpath cycling are the only options available to many Brisbane CBD workers – neither of[...]
GPS tracking to highlight Brisbane’s cycling hot spots
Cycling has become so popular across Queensland that the State Government are starting to utilise data from GPS enabled smartphones[...]
Insurers’ “Super Profits” Called Into Question
Changes to Queensland’s compulsory third party (CTP) insurance system are on the horizon, as figures show insurance companies are raking[...]
Careful, you’re on Camera!
On-bike cameras have become increasingly popular among cyclists in recent years for their ability to provide high-tech evidence in what[...]
Dangerous Truckie Caught Out on Facebook
Brazen truck driver to be investigated after posting dangerous driving on social media A Sydney truck driver would be regretting[...]
Cool Kids Wear Lids and Other Important Helmet Information
Is it mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle? In short, yes. Australia was one of the first[...]
Cycle Accident Resulted in Substantial Payout
Cyclist v Taxi Land v Dhaliwhal & Anor is a 2012 decision out of the Supreme Court of Queensland. In[...]
Will you fall victim to this unfair cycling fine?
It's something that thousands of cyclists all over Australia do every day. It generally goes ignored. But for Victorian cyclist,[...]
Does Brisbane needs its own lasso-carrying crime-fighting cowboy?
An attempted bicycle theft in a US Walmart parking lot was foiled by none other than a true-blue cowboy. After[...]
Would a glow in the dark bike path make Coronation Drive safer?
Would you feel safer at night riding along a lit up blue bike path? Poland is experimenting with glow in[...]
Horror Accident in Bardon Leaves One Dead
A 61-year-old male rider was killed over the weekend when he collided with a sedan towing a trailer along Jubilee[...]
Best Cycle Paths For Kids In Brisbane
From 4km to 11km   Woolcock Park, Red Hill to Newmarket 7km long return trip Follows Ithaca Creek so look[...]
Another Needless & Tragic Loss Of Life On A Bike: Why Helmets Are Compulsory In Qld
Carmen Greenaway, a New Zealander living in London was riding home after her mother's birthday party. She wasn't wearing a[...]
12.6Km Of Brand New Bike Path Opened
From Petrie To Kippa-Ring     The long awaited Moreton Bay Rail Link opened recently, which included 12.6km of fresh,new[...]
The Brisbane Blast
Brisbane Blast - Road Cycling For Road Cycling Junkies It's not often South Bank gets closed down for cyclists but[...]
Kenmore Local Demands Better Road Safety
A Kenmore local, struck down by a car attempting an illegal U-turn, is appealing for motorists to get off their[...]
Information Sheet – Electric Bicycles
Electric Bicycles What is an Electric Bicycle? An electric bicycle (or e-bike) is a bicycle with a motorised assistance. There[...]
Case Study – The Motorised Bicycle
Hendricks v El-Dik & Insurance Australia Limited T/AS NRMA Insurance (No 4) [2016] ACTSC 160 This decision involved a Plaintiff[...]
R v Osborne [2014] QCA 291
Dangerous driving causing death and grievous bodily harm In R v Osborne the Court considered the culpability of a truck[...]
Simmons v Rockdale City Council (2013) 65 MVR 141
A Popular Cycling Route and the Boom Gate The Plaintiff was a competitive cyclist who was out on an early[...]
Case Study – Cyclist v Unidentified Vehicle
Cordin v Nominal Defendant   Cordin v Nominal Defendant is a decision out of the District Court of NSW. The[...]
Case Study- Cyclist v Cyclist
FRANKLIN V BLICK   Franklin v Blick is a decision out of the Supreme Court of the ACT. Here, the[...]
A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words
We have all seen the footage on YouTube and scattered across social media sites. A motor vehicle travelling in the[...]
5 Road Rules every Cyclist wants Motorists to Understand
On a multi-lane road, cyclists can take up any position within the lane   On a multi-lane road, cyclists can[...]
3 Things Cyclists want Motorists to Know
Cyclists want motorists to understand the road rules.  By gaining a better understanding of the rules regulating cyclists and by[...]
5 simple but easily overlooked Road Rules that could cost you
Sit properly, and operate your bicycle in the way it is designed to be. Riding a bicycle whilst not sitting[...]