It’s time to stop hating on Cyclists!

Cycle Law support Emma Snowsill’s recent plea to motorists.

We, just like Emma Snowsill, are pleading with motorists to make our roads safer for cyclists. It is time to stop hating on cyclists!

Cyclists are people. They have families. They are Mums... they are Dads. They are husbands… they are wives. They have brothers… they have sisters.

And they have rights! They have a right to be on our roads. And they have a right to feel safe.

CycleLaw stand in support of all cyclists. We support their rights and we are here to help them exercise their legal entitlements.

We urge all road users to think about how their actions on the road can have significant and lasting effects on the lives of cyclists and their loved ones.

Drive safe. Share the road. Respect. Simple!