Kenmore Local Demands Better Road Safety

A Kenmore local, struck down by a car attempting an illegal U-turn, is appealing for motorists to get off their phones and pay more attention to the road.

Tomlin was riding along Moggill Road at Taringa last month when the car in the lane beside her indicated and performed a U-turn suddenly.

After being thrown from her motorcycle and over the top of the car, Tomlin slid down on to the tarmac where she lay waiting for an ambulance.

Sam Tomlin is feeling extremely lucky to have escaped the crash without catastrophic injury. Unfortunately, many on our roads are not as fortunate as Tomlin. These year alone, there have been 42 motorcycle/moped and pillion fatalities in Queensland, and many more accidents involving serious injuries.

With several riders having lost their lives on Brisbane roads in past weeks and silly season just around the corner, we hope Tomlin’s appeal does not fall on deaf ears.

Brisbane lawyer, Emily Billiau said:

“Drivers have a duty of care to all road users including cyclists and motorcyclists.  The Compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme regulated by MAIC is designed to provide compensatory relief to people like Ms Tomlin who have been unfairly injured”

For more information contact Emily here.

By Claire McHardy