United by a desire for safer roads.

Cycle accident claims run with understanding

Cycle Law is built on the simple vision of being a law firm for cyclists, run by cyclists. Cyclists who share a passion for better education, infrastructure, and safer riding environments.

One of the fundamental aspects of safer environments is safer road-users. By considering your civil options on a no-win no-fee basis, you can do your part in making our roads a safer place. 


The roads can be a volatile place for anyone, let alone those lacking the protection of metal armour. 

On merely a metal frame, cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users. This is reflected in the statistics, with over 1000 cyclists suffering high-threat-to-life injuries and, on average, almost 40 being fatally wounded per year (CARRS-Q, 2016). 

The good news is that, despite being a cyclist, you still have the same rights to some compensable schemes in the event that you are injured on our roads as any other road user. 

If you've been injured in an accident that's involved a motor vehicle, you can contact us for a free case review.


Just as motorists owe other motorists a duty of care, pedestrians owe other road users a duty of care as well. 

Between sidewalks, dedicated shared pathways, zebra crossings, and intersections, there is ample opportunity for pedestrian-cyclist collisions to take place.

If you've been in an accident that involved a pedestrian, you can contact us for a free claim review.


Hit a pothole? Slipped on unsafe ground? Unlit pathway caused a problem? Bollards?

You could be eligible to make a public liability claim.

Just as the council owes a duty of care to motorists, they also owe a duty of care to cyclists, pedestrians, and all other road-users.

It's not uncommon for cyclists to find themselves in an accident, whether with someone else or by themselves, due to a public obstruction such as an unlabelled bollard or a grate missing its cover.

If you've been injured in an accident you believe was caused by the negligence of the council, you can contact us for a free claim check. 


The most common type of accident we witness is an all-cyclist collision. 

With speed and agility, it can sometimes be hard for cyclists to spot each other, and in some instances paths accidentally overlap.

Regardless of the cause, these accidents can be pretty scary, generally with neither party foreseeing the collision. 

In what can be quite a startling and unsettling time, it brings solace to those affected to know that there are options to be compensated. 

If you've been injured in an accident involving another cyclist, you can contact us for a free claim review.


A collision without injury but perhaps with a broken bike is called a 'property damage claim', and is handled differently to other compensable matters.

Cycle Law offers assistance in the form of evidence building, letters of demand, and the QCAT process to ensure your property gets repaired or replaced.

If you've been in an accident without having suffered an injury, and you want your property fixed, you can contact us for a free property damage claim review.


Accidents involving cyclists can span far and wide, including a plethora of other circumstances such as:

  • Dooring injuries;
  • Collisions with other road users (Segways, e-scooters, etc); and
  • Race accidents.

If you've been injured in any sort of cycling accident through no fault of your own, you could be eligible for compensation and should contact us for a free claim check. 


Navigating life after an accident can be a difficult time for most - but it doesn't have to be. By following a tailored step-by-step plan, you can proceed with claim certainty, resting assured that you know what to do, when to do it, and how to be prepared for what comes next.

Delivering maximum compensation.

After 45 years in the making, our step-by-step process has formed the foundation of our success in achieving maximum compensation for clients.

It’s this step-by-step approach that guarantees no stone is left unturned, forcing our lawyers to work meticulously, side-by-side with expert accountants, to ensure our clients receive the best outcomes.

Couple a step-by-step approach with fierce negotiation skills, and you get the recipe for maximum compensation. 

Keeping legal costs low.

Contrary to popular belief, compensation claims don’t have to be expensive to get a good outcome. In fact, they don’t have to be expensive at all. 

Cycle Law averages fees of 30% of a client’s total payout, which is well below the legal maximum of 50%. Not only that, but we guarantee you will never be charged an uplift fee. 

By engaging a large firm, you have the safety of knowing your claim will be handled by the lowest cost lawyer when possible. That can be a difference of $250 an hour - which, in an 18-month long claim, can equate to a lot. 

Maintaining fast claim times

With a team made up of 62% support staff, Cycle Law is able to provide efficient outcomes and short claim times for clients. 

While lead solicitors are relentlessly negotiating with insurers, there is a whole team behind them continuing to run and progress claims. By implementing practices to mitigate double handling, the team manages to progress claims constantly, consistently, and quickly. 
make effort a thing of the past. ask for a step-by-step approach.

Every year, thousands of Australians miss out on compensation because of the seemingly overwhelming task ahead of them. But it shouldn’t have to be that way. By using a step-by-step approach, you can tackle bite-sized, results-driven chunks one step at a time; guaranteeing you never feel overwhelmed by the perceived effort of a claim.


I'd like to formally thank all of you at McInnes Wilson Lawyers to finish my matter on good terms and with excellent outcomes! I've received everything I initially consulted you for, in terms of health and rehab, payments to hospitals/health covers, and more, so I'm really happy with the outcome. I'll happily go back to you if, in the future, I need your assistance again, hopefully from a different circumstance than a traffic incident!

Dear Emily, I am writing to express my extreme gratitude for everything you and McInnes Wilson Lawyers have done for me to reach a successful settlement over my claim for compensation due to my accident in March 2019.

The last three and half years have had huge effect on my life. Due to my injuries, I have seen 31 medical experts, attended over 200 appointments, travelled over 1,500 klms to appointments and it has taken up 193 hours in time. If you add all the time spent on the legal side, the huge amount of lost work days, the effect it has had on personal relationships and family, has it all been worth it…..? This is a difficult question to answer but if I could go back in time, I wish the accident had not have happened. It has been a long three and a half years but now with your incredible help, I can get on with my life.

What I absolutely can say is that I choose the right lawyers to represent me. I met many law firms to decide who would best represent me and McInnes Wilson Lawyers stood out. It proved to be the right choice. I cannot express how grateful I am to all the people at McInnes Wilson Lawyers, who have spent so much time on the case. It has been an enormous effort by everyone involved and I wish I could remember all their names but some that come to mind are, Teresa, Nicole, Chelsea, Katie, Kia, Josie, Jane, and Katerina. I would like you to please pass on my gratitude to them and anyone else I may have overlooked. A special thanks to Montana for her time and guidance on another personal legal matter, and especially Alex for all the work he did as my barrister with his evaluation and support through the negotiations.

To you Emily, a huge and warm thank you. Not just for your legal expertise but for your help and understanding when I needed it most. Your guidance made a tough journey less arduous.

I wish you and the team at McInnes Wilson Lawyers ongoing success. I know McInnes Wilson Lawyers have a strong reputation in legal expertise but from my experience they also offer many other qualities to help their clients with a successful representation.

THANK YOU with all my heart.

"I'm glad I reached out to you, you're an excellent team of lawyers and made this challenging experience easier for me and my family. I would definitely recommend you and your team to anyone who will be needing your services."

Anna Bernabe

The end of 'it depends' is just a step away.

Delivering transparency to clients is on the forefront of what we do, and our step-by-step approach is just one of the ways we’re working to break down the wall of uncertainty built by thousands of lawyers across the years.

With us, the answer to your question will never be ‘it depends’, but instead a step-by-step breakdown. 

That’s a guarantee.

BREAK DOWN THE WALL OF UNCERTAINTY. ask for a step-by-step approach.

Don't allow yourself to be misled by lawyers who use the smokescreen of uncertainty to charge more. Put yourself back in control with a step-by-step plan, understanding exactly what they're doing, when they're doing it, and why they're doing it. 

Breaking down the smokescreen of uncertainty through a unique step-by-step approach. 


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