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"Everyone wants to live the Australian dream, but sometimes dreams get hijacked when you suffer an set-back through no fault of your own. You just want to get back to what you love doing; cycling. You want compensation for the damage caused but don't want to waste time on a lengthy claim

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Since 1975 we have had 3000+ people call us with their claim questions. We make sure they finish the phone call with answers that provide certainty and hope. Eliminate the stress and pickup the phone today, we'll be patiently waiting."

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CycleLaw is a division of leading Queensland Law firm, McInnes Wilson Lawyers. CycleLaw was founded on a need for a division committed wholly to cyclists and focused on cycling related issues.

CycleLaw stands as a fighting partner for cyclists. We are ourselves cyclists, and understand the issues confronted on our roads and paths. We have a unique understanding of cycling issues and the law. 

Our expertise ensures the best possible outcomes for our clients. We can assist you with:

  • road traffic law interpretation
  • your right in relation to other road users
  • your rights in relation to pedestrians
  • cog
    your rights in relation to defects in roadways, bike paths, etc.
  • cog
    your right in relation to other cyclists

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