The App to avoid the runaround after a cycling incident.

Our Cycle Incident Log app unlocks the gates of delay and denial put up by authorities and insurance companies. With photo and video capability, weather reports, police reports, and much more, the app is pioneering the revolution for a safer, fairer future on Queensland's roads.

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  • Allows video upload of close passing incidents 
  • Allo​​​ws photo upload of any damage, injuries, or locations 
  • Space to upload rego numbers, drivers licences and road conditions
  • Space to upload and mark locations on a map
  • Space to upload weather conditions at the time of incident
  • Space to record police officer's name, police station, traffic incident report numbers
  • Prompts to record the type of traffic infringement that the other party might have breached
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we help you before you're even injured

  • The app consolidates and lists accident black-spots along with the injury types 
  • The app consolidates and lists road hazard data from the cycling community to advocate for safer road laws
  • The app consolidates cycling accident data to inform infrastructure plans
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This promotion has been delivered to you by our partners in cycling safety, Bicycle Queensland.

Cycle Law has been working in conjunction with Bicycle Queensland for years to create a safer, fairer road system for cyclists of Queensland. The Cycle Incident Log (CIL) App is one of the many innovations formed from this partnership. 

The partnership has also formed safe places for cyclists to seek advice, share their stories, and seek legal help.

This partnership is the forfront of 'The Revolution' for a safer future for cyclists and motorists alike.

Perfect to guide you through a stressful event.

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Thanks for all your hard work.

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