Dangerous Truckie Caught Out on Facebook

Brazen truck driver to be investigated after posting dangerous driving on social media

A Sydney truck driver would be regretting his decision to upload a video of him deliberately drenching a group of cyclists. One of the cyclists identified in the video onforwarded the footage to police after it became the centre of a heated debate between truck drivers and cyclists.

The video, allegedly filmed by the driver himself shows him driving alongside a group of cyclists and lamenting he is unable to run them over, “So we hate pushbikes, we are not allowed to run them over but we can f*** with them, so let’s have a crack.”  He then proceeds to deliberately pass the cyclists at a large puddle which ensured his heavy vehicle threw a large volume of water across the group. The ensuing chuckles indicate just how much pleasure the driver took from his dangerous actions as he laughs, “Oh yeah, nothing better than f***ing saturating a pushbike rider …“My day is complete.”

New South Wales Police have confirmed the truck driver is to appear in court on charges related to using a mobile phone whilst driving and menacing cyclists on the road.

Written by Emily Billiau and Claire McHardy

Kieran Callahan says February 4, 2017

I’m a Brisbane truck driver and used to be an avid cyclist. I won’t ride in Brisbane because of this type of behaviour.
I can’t believe he thought he could post such stupid behaviour on any sort of social media and not suffer some form of repercussion. I hope he has the book thrown at him, however, a fool like this will not change his behaviour, but hold a bigger grudge against cyclists.
I understand that there are cyclists that do the wrong thing, but are generally the minority. That doesn’t mean you can take out your frustration on any cyclist you please.
A bit of patience and understanding goes a long way.

James says February 15, 2017

Idiots are idiots – it’s a shame people like this exist but they do. I am sure the truck driver would not like it if someone does something to them while doing something nothing they like but for me I don’t get bent out of shape but encourage everyone to shame them and their company, and report to police. Social media has a habit of putting propl in their place when shamed nowadays.

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