1 Simple Exercise to relieve Neck Pain Now

If you have a neck injury which may have resulted from a motor vehicle accident, a fall or an injury at work you will know how persistent the pain and symptoms are and how encroaching they are on your daily life.

The pain and other symptoms, including headaches, can feel like it's ruining your life.  

If you have these issues you should be seen by a health professional for in depth assessment, treatment options and self-management information (including your own exercise programme).

While you are waiting to see your health professional or if you are searching for some more options to help yourself relieve the pain and symptoms of your neck injury this simple exercise from Sean McCoola of Maximize Health Group can kick start your return to normal life without symptoms.

Your One Simple Exercise.

In sitting or standing position, while stationery or travelling all you need to concentrate on is tucking your chin in.

That’s it! It’s so effective because it addresses the 3 major issues that continue neck pain and symptoms: poor posture, stiff neck joints, spasmed and irritated muscles and nerves.

Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Tips for the best result.

Sit or stand tall to begin. Check out Sean's video on how to perfect your posture and prevent postural pain here.

Concentrate on gliding chin straight back, as if dragging your chin on a flat surface. Use your pointer finger to push chin backwards. Leave pressure on for the whole hold times below if it helps.

Hold for 10 seconds at a time initially, build to 10 x 10 second holds and build this to complete repeatedly throughout the day. Aim to make this position your new “normal” over weeks and months

  • Accept there will be symptom changes, this is normal. However, do not let pain increase by more than a further 2 points on the 1 to 10 pain scale (eg if pain is at 4/10 do not go past 6/10). Do not let other symptoms, including headaches continue to increase after the initial positioning.
  • Accept that a double or triple chin may also arise. An added benefit of this exercise is that it will reduce the appearance of double chin as it is toning muscles around that problem area. Bonus!!

Bonus Tips

To help relax into this position, breathe in through your nose for 3 seconds and out through your nose for 6 seconds. Yes, this lasts almost the whole 10 seconds of the hold of position and can be repeated as you are able to hold the position for longer.

To improve the stretch and joint movement tilt head to one side and hold initially for 10 seconds

Thanks Sean. 

Stay tuned next month for another article from Maximize Health Group.

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In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding these tips, whiplash injury recovery or other health issues please do not hesitate to contact Sean on +61 7 3343 5494 or [email protected].