5 simple but easily overlooked Road Rules that could cost you

  1. Sit properly, and operate your bicycle in the way it is designed to be.

Riding a bicycle whilst not sitting astride the rider’s seat and facing forward can also attract a fine of $121. Similarly, improperly carrying passengers on a bicycle can result in a fine.


  1. Be cognisant and respectful of others on pathways.

Cyclists have the right to cycle on pathways and shared footpaths. However, failing to keep left, riding on the pedestrian side of a separated footpath, or failing to give way to a pedestrian on a shared path are all breaches of the Queensland Road Rules.


  1. Leave a reasonable distance between yourself and cars.

Cyclists are entitled to ride on the road. Be mindful though that unreasonably obstructing the path of the driver or following another vehicle too closely may result in a fine.


  1. Keep you hands on the handlebars.

Failing to keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times can earn you a substantial fine.


  1. Ensure your bike is in serviceable condition and has all necessary equipment

In order to legally ride on the road your bicycle must have at least one working brake and be fitted with a bell horn or similar warning device. When riding at night or in hazardous weather conditions you must display lights and reflectors on your bicycle that sufficiently warn other road users of your presence. Failure to do so is a breach of the Queensland Road Rules and could result in a fine.