Another Needless & Tragic Loss Of Life On A Bike: Why Helmets Are Compulsory In Qld

Carmen Greenaway, a New Zealander living in London was riding home after her mother’s birthday party.

She wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Her mother, riding 100 metres behind, saw her daughter hit an uneven part of the road, catapulting her out of the saddle, her head hit the ground hard, cracking her skull. She was holding the handle bars with one hand.

She died.

Everyday people are taking massive risks without wearing a helmet, despite it being illegal and all the scientific evidence pointing to the fact that it could save your life in an incident like Carmen’s.

At Cycle Law, we provide specialised legal advice to Queensland’s cycling community through Bicycle Queensland and we continually see some terrible accident injuries but we also see how the compulsory helmet has helped save lives. Why the same legislation isn’t in place or enforced around the world is very surprising.