Cyclists have a right to be on our roads

Cycle Law wishes to support the recent Bicycle Queensland white helmet campaign.

We, just like Bicycle Queensland, are pleading with Queenslanders to make our roads safer.  

The recent and hotly debated discussions around road user responsibility have given us an opportunity to bring to light the issues facing cyclists on the road. All road users (including cyclists) have a mutual obligation to others on road.

With that said, we wish to remind motorists that failing to give cyclists safe passage is illegal.  Whether you are approaching them from behind, attempting to get around them or turning directly in front of them, they require at least 1 metre of space.

Too many people have died on Queensland roads and there are too many accidents where cyclists have suffered injury or damage to their property. 

The damage goes beyond collisions, stories of near misses are frequently told by our clients. These incidents can cause significant mental harm to cyclist too.

It is the reality that often these injuries are a result of a lack of care by motorists.

It is not just motorists that present a risk to cyclists safety. Other road users such as local councils or road authorities, who fail to repair known defects in roads, and pedestrians, who have no awareness of their own safety, place cyclists at a greater risk of harm.

Cycle Law is here to support cyclists exercising their legal entitlements by enforcing the laws created to protect them and their property from harm.

Cycle Law urges all road users to think of the consequences of their failure to exercise a duty of care to cyclists. After all, they are people too.

To read more on this story or on Bicycle Queensland’s campaign, read the Facebook post here or the article published by the Courier Mail here.