How to foam roll your neck

Watch this video to get a simple foam roller technique to trigger point your neck, to relieve neck  pain, fast!

You will also learn how to loosen your midback which is another key element to relieving pain in your neck and upper back.

Stay tuned to the end where you will be shown some simple ways to loosen the muscles in your legs which ties in for an all over body massage maintenance

Learning to foam roll is a fantastic way for self-management of those tight and painful muscles all over your body and relieving those stiff and sore joints in your upper back. Its such a simple tool that you can take with you anywhere and use whenever you want. Use it when you are travelling or strapped for time. You can roll as part of a daily regime or get benefits for 2-3 short session a week.

It is so simple you can miss the benefits so give it a go today!

Thanks Sean.

Stay tuned next month for another article from Maximize Health Group.

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