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Tips For Rehab After Knee Surgery From A Physio

Knee surgery. The concept can make even the strongest person cringe in sympathetic pain. 

We contacted Physiotherapist Martin Coote from Brisbane City Physiotherapy to discuss post operative management and tips for rehab after knee surgery improve the chance of a successful recovery. 

Read on to see his insights. 

How should someone prepare before their surgery?

The key to assisting your rehab after surgery is to have your knee as strong as possible prior to surgery. Some hospitals now provide “get fit for surgery” programs as this greatly assists with achieving the goals in the post-operative protocol.

Your Physiotherapist can help set this up and will usually need information on the type of surgery and your Surgeons post-operative protocol

What should I do immediately after surgery? 

Follow instructions. 

Usually you will leave hospital with specific instructions and advice on when it is appropriate to commence your rehabilitation and when you will have a follow-up appointment with your Surgeon.

Are there any exercises you can recommend post-surgery?

This will depend on the specific surgery and your Surgeon’s protocol. 

The general principles of rehabilitation are to regain range of motion and strength as soon as allowable (depending on the type of surgery).

Your Physiotherapist in conjunction with the Surgeon’s post-operative protocol can guide you on the specific exercises you need to do for your particular surgery.

When should I see the physio, and what will physiotherapy involve?

You should see your Physiotherapist as soon as possible after the Surgeon gives you the green light to commence rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy modalities may include massage, mobilisations, and specific exercises to help regain mobility and strength.

Furthermore, gait re-education is usually required to ensure a normal gait pattern is returned. 

Often an altered gait pattern can place undue load on the hip and back and be difficult to correct if the compensatory pattern is not corrected in the early phases of rehabilitation.

Thanks Martin.

Stay tuned for more articles from Martin and the Brisbane City Physiotherapy team. 

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