Delivering Real Outcomes for Queensland Cyclists

We understand there are plenty of law firms out there, so what makes us special?

we are here to help you.

In 2014, leading Queensland solicitor and rider herself, Emily Billiau, recognised a gap in access to suitable legal representation for cyclists. She recognised that our community was being represented by lawyers who had, typically, never cycled a day in their life. Lawyers who couldn’t understand our passion.

Emily knew it was time for change!

This desire for change sparked the foundation of a now leading division of national law firm, McInnes Wilson Lawyers. Aptly named Cycle Law, the division has proudly helped hundreds of riders, over the past 5 years, get the compensation they deserve.

As the legal partner of Bicycle Queensland, Emily and her team are solely committed to being THE fighting partner for cyclists in Queensland. The fighting partner cyclists can rely on to hear them, help them, and understand their passion.


CycleLaw has a close relationship with Bicycle Queensland, a non-profit community and advocacy organisation targeted at promoting safe, everyday bicycle riding throughout Queensland. We share their passion for cycling and their commitment to have 'More People Cycling More Often'.


We focus only on cycling related claims, which makes us experts in our field.


We have proven history, and so are best placed to ensure the right outcome for you and your claim


We understand cyclists' rights and responsibilities. We ride ourselves, so we understand the issues that confront cyclists. 


We have smaller caseloads so we can spend more time getting you the result you deserve. 


Your claim will be run by a lawyer with experience in cycling claims. 


We are honest and will keep you informed every step of the way. 


We will visit you at home to spend time with you and your family & friends to consider every aspect of how your life has been impacted.


We use experts who are eminent in their field and well practiced in undertaking legal work.