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Want a troll-free forum for cyclists?

Come to the place where you can change the future of cycling.

Emily Billiau

Principal, Cycle Law

Hi, I'm Emily Billiau, Principal of Cycle Law.  

Our team @ Cycle Law (along with Bicycle Queensland) have  helped hundreds of cyclists by providing them with a free, safe, online space to pursue the rights of bike riders.

This closed Facebook group is called The Revolution.

If you want to belong to a group of like-minded individuals who are striving for changes to our existing laws so that:

  • all cyclists
  • all parents of cyclists
  • all friends of cyclists
  • all grandparents of cyclists... 

...can ride safely on the street without fear of:

  • being abused, 
  • being threatened
  • being intimated or
  • being injured...

then this is the group for you.