Does Brisbane needs its own lasso-carrying crime-fighting cowboy?

An attempted bicycle theft in a US Walmart parking lot was foiled by none other than a true-blue cowboy.

After attempts to chase the bicycle thief on foot to no avail, the quick thinking  Robert Borba jumped on his horse and pursued the would-be bandit, lasso at the ready.

As the thief struggled with the gears on his newly acquired bike, Borba lassoed the man around the ankles.

The cowboy tied the man to a tree until the Police arrived, leaving the suspect and spectators stunned by the Wild West spectacle that had unfolded.

Emily Billiau, Brisbane based Cycle Law specialist, said “we found this story just as amusing at the spectators – not your typical form of community arrest, that’s for sure!”

“Whilst this case comes from the US, bike thefts in Brisbane are common place with robberies skyrocketing in the last year.”

“We often get requests for insurance claims from cases similar to this one in the US, whether they are theft, damage or injury,” said Ms Billiau.

Fortunately in this case, the bike was returned to its rightful owner with very little damage.

Perhaps we need our own lasso-carrying, crime-fighters here in Brisbane!


Image credit: LAWNS OF MEDFORD