How to choose the right compensation lawyer

We know you are looking for a lawyer to help you so we have created a checklist for you to compare law firms – remember your parents always said “get three quotes” – well that is what we have prepared for you – a sheet where you can get three quotes and compare lawyers. At least then you know you will have done your homework.

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For most people selecting a lawyer from Google can be a nightmare. They all have this burning question:

[h2_heading]”How can I get a lawyer that understands my unique situation and who knows their stuff?”[/h2_heading]

What to do to avoid hiring a bad lawyer...

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The best way to answer that is through this 5 minute story….

[h3_heading]….let me tell you about Will.[/h3_heading]

Will is a 36 year old dentist from West End, Brisbane. He lives with his wife and two daughters.

It was Saturday and Will joined his mates on their weekly weekend ritual of a ride around Mt Coot-tha.

Will was cycling at the front of a pack with his mates following on in single file.

As they finished they route and headed for their local coffee shop, Will lead the pack along Milton Road.

A car pulled into the left lane, just in front of the cyclists, and suddenly slammed on their brakes coming to an unexpected and immediate stop.

Will saw it unfolding but didn’t have time to avoid the car. He was thrown over the boot before slamming into the bitumen, hands outstretched.

Will broke both wrists in the accident and slipped a disc in his back.

The ambulance was called and Will was rushed to hospital.

Lying on the stretcher, Will thought to himself…

[h2_heading]”I am the only one who’s working a the moment, and I only have two weeks of leave and a few days sick leave left. How am I going to afford the mortgage repayments!”[/h2_heading]

Fast forward a week and Will is well on his way to recovering, but his bank balance is diminishing rapidly. Will’s hospital and ongoing medical bills are racking up at a rate of knots.

Will’s cycling mate suggests that perhaps he should get a lawyer and investigate the possibility of replacing his lost income through a insurance claim.

Will did a quick Google search on his phone in the hospital and was overwhelmed with the vast amount of options available to him. All of the ads and the lawyers looked the same.

Will thought to himself…

[h2_heading]”How am I going to make sure I get the right lawyer and not get ripped off?”[/h2_heading]

Will then stumbled upon CycleLaw’s ad (just like you have).

So who are we? CycleLaw is part of a well-established national law firm that has been in operation since 1975 and has helped over 3000 clients in that time with income replacement, tax, superannuation and property damage advice.

We help people like Will deal with the uncertainty of picking a lawyer by giving them this 32-point Compensation Lawyer Evaluation Checklist.

What to do to avoid hiring a bad lawyer...

Get your copy of our 32 point Compensation Lawyer Evaluation Checklist. No email necessary!

The purpose of the checklist is to provide people like Will (who may never have had to choose a lawyer before) with a very comprehensive checklist so that they can be certain they have asked all of the appropriate questions, and have done their homework, before signing anything.

If you don’t go through such a process the odds are very high that you will end up with a lawyer who charges an extraordinary amount for their services, has no empathy for your situation, or worse still, because of their inexperience in this field, settles your claim way too cheaply.

After reading the checklist, Will decided to ring CycleLaw for clarification of his own case.
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From lying in his hospital bed and thinking…

[h2_heading]”How on earth am I going to pick the right lawyer?”[/h2_heading]

Will found himself telling his mates three months later that he was glad that he downloaded the checklist and made that initial call to Emily and the team at CycleLaw.

[h2_heading]”I have made the right decision, these guys understand me and they are bloody good at that they do, looks like I will be back on my bike sooner than I thought”.[/h2_heading]
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