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Would a glow in the dark bike path make Coronation Drive safer?

Would you feel safer at night riding along a lit up blue bike path?

Poland is experimenting with glow in the dark paths in the hopes it will prevent bicycle and pedestrian accidents at night.

The bright blue path is made of a bioluminescent algae which soaks up the sun’s rays during the day and omits light at night for more than 10 hours.

We think this would drastically reduce accidents.  Cyclelaw applauds any kind of safety initiative to help our cyclists feel safe at night.

Would this bike path make you feel safer at night?


Image credit – Citylab

Horror Accident in Bardon Leaves One Dead

A 61-year-old male rider was killed over the weekend when he collided with a sedan towing a trailer along Jubilee Terrace in Bardon.  Emergency services were called to the crash at about 8:30am on Saturday morning.  The Arana Hills local was pronounced dead at the scene.  Police say the sedan was turning right into Arthur Terrace when it collided with the deceased, who was travelling south along Jubilee Terrace.  The driver of the sedan, a 21-year-old Kippa-Ring man, is assisting police with their inquiries.  With the circumstances of the accident still largely unknown, the Forensic Crash Unit is appealing for witnesses of the incident to come forward.  Brisbane Lawyer, Emily Billiau, appealed for motorists to take more care on our roads, especially as the silly season nears. Emily said:-

            “Every year, we see an increase in compensation claims from accidents on our roads as the Christmas period approaches. This is a timely reminder for all road users to exercise extra care on our roads”.

By Claire McHardy

Best Cycle Paths For Kids In Brisbane

From 4km to 11km


Woolcock Park, Red Hill to Newmarket

  • 7km long return trip
  • Follows Ithaca Creek so look out for ducks and water dragons
  • Shaded by trees for most of the way and only one quiet road to cross
  • Trail bike area along the way


Ted Smout Bridge,Clontarf to Woody Point Jetty

  • Hornibrook Esplanade section of the Redcliffe Peninsula
  • Part of 40km of virtually uninterupted foreshore cycle paths
  • 11km long return trip
  • Lots of activity along the way including fish and chips,playgrounds,kite flying and jet skis


Waterloo Esplanade,Wynnum to Manly Marina

  • 10km return trip along the foreshore.
  • Includes the Wynnum water park
  • Fish and chips everywhere
  • Plenty of playgrounds along the way


Bishop Street to Northey Street City Farm

  • Just a short 4km ride
  • Riding through an open reserve
  • Goes alongside Enoggera Creek
  • Joins up with the Bowen Bridge Heritage Trail


Orleigh Park,West End to under The William Jolly Bridge,South Brisbane

  • Follows the Brisbane river for 4km
  • Lots of energy and activity as well as boat life to enjoy
  • Stunning views across the river to Toowong
  • Easy access to hop on and off the City Cat

12.6Km Of Brand New Bike Path Opened

From Petrie To Kippa-Ring


Cycle law - Moreton bay rail


The long awaited Moreton Bay Rail Link opened recently, which included 12.6km of fresh,new shared path cycling tarmac.
The path passes through Kallangur, Murrumba Downs, Mango Hill and Rothwell with almost 40 connections branching off, making it easy to get to many locations throughout the area.

It also gives easy access to 7 railway stations:

  • Petrie Station
  • Kallangur Station
  • Murrumba Downs Station
  • Mango Hill Station
  • Mango Hill Station East
  • Rothwell Station
  • Kippa-Ring Station

as well as some stunning natural beauty spots including Lake Eden,John Oxley Reserve,Sweeney Reserve and Wyllie Park.

To read more about this new biking opportunity click here

The Brisbane Blast

Brisbane Blast – Road Cycling For Road Cycling Junkies

It’s not often South Bank gets closed down for cyclists but that’s exactly what will happen on Sunday November 20. Organised by QSM, the Brisbane Blast will run a range of races and formats aimed at:

  • teams and groups of mates who cycle
  • corporate teams – great team building experience, branding and involvement in mens health promotion
  • graded riders looking for a highly competitive experience
  • raising awareness of men’s health and raising funds for Movember
  • providing a great spectator experience and community involvement


The Brisbane Blast Course

The Brisbane Blast Course

To find out more and register for this great event, click here


Kenmore Local Demands Better Road Safety

A Kenmore local, struck down by a car attempting an illegal U-turn, is appealing for motorists to get off their phones and pay more attention to the road.

Tomlin was riding along Moggill Road at Taringa last month when the car in the lane beside her indicated and performed a U-turn suddenly.

After being thrown from her motorcycle and over the top of the car, Tomlin slid down on to the tarmac where she lay waiting for an ambulance.

Sam Tomlin is feeling extremely lucky to have escaped the crash without catastrophic injury. Unfortunately, many on our roads are not as fortunate as Tomlin. These year alone, there have been 42 motorcycle/moped and pillion fatalities in Queensland, and many more accidents involving serious injuries.

With several riders having lost their lives on Brisbane roads in past weeks and silly season just around the corner, we hope Tomlin’s appeal does not fall on deaf ears.

Brisbane lawyer, Emily Billiau said:

“Drivers have a duty of care to all road users including cyclists and motorcyclists.  The Compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme regulated by MAIC is designed to provide compensatory relief to people like Ms Tomlin who have been unfairly injured”

For more information contact Emily here.

By Claire McHardy

Information Sheet – Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycles

What is an Electric Bicycle?

An electric bicycle (or e-bike) is a bicycle with a motorised assistance.

There are two types of legal motorised bicycles:-

  1. Those that require the cyclist to move the pedals to maintain electrical assistance (pedalec); and
  2. Bicycles with a handlebar throttle, that allow a cyclist to travel without using the pedals1

Design Rules / Requirements

The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are national standards which dictate vehicle requirements. For vehicles manufactured post-1989, the application of the ADRs is the responsibility of the Federal Government pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (Cth).

In 2012, changes were announced to the national vehicle safety standards in relation to power-assisted bicycles.

There are two types of legal motorised bicycles in Queensland (as described above) and the requirements vary for each. The pedalec type of bicycle must comply with the European Standard for Power Assisted Pedal Cycles (EN15194). The bicycle can have a maximum of only 250 watts of power and must be marked to show that it complies with the standard.

Bicycles with a handlebar throttle can have a motor that generates no more than 200 watts of power. If it is capable of generating more than 200 watts of power or has an internal combustion engine, then the bicycle must comply with Australian Design Rules for a motorbike and cannot be ridden on roads or road-related areas if it does not comply with these standards.

Do riders of Electric Bicycles have to comply with the Road Rules?

Yes. Bicycles are considered vehicles under legislation in Queensland, and so riders must obey the general road rules as they apply to vehicle operators.


1NB – The pedals should still be the primary source of power for the bicycle. If a rider can complete a journey without using the pedals and powered solely by the motor, then this would not be classed as a motorised bicycle

By Emily Billiau and Gemma Sweeney

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

We have all seen the footage on YouTube and scattered across social media sites. A motor vehicle travelling in the same direction as a cyclists, sees the cyclist, thinks it can pass (albeit narrowly), and nearly causes a collision. Worse yet, a collision results with injurious outcomes!

Footage has also become a common feature on news websites, with videos featuring regularly of cyclists getting into conflict with motorists – road rage incidents and again often with injurious outcomes.

More often than not, the footage is captured by a GoPro camera (or the like) attached to the cyclist or their bicycle.


So why are cyclists turning to cameras?

Some cyclists report that cameras are becoming an important safety device. They report that motorist behaviour dramatically improves when they are aware they are being recorded, resulting in more awareness and improved safety. It’s not the perfect motivation for doing the right thing, but if fear of being caught deters someone from doing the wrong thing, then it has served a purpose.

Cyclists also report relying on footage captured if there’s an incident or accident on the road. As the old saying goes – a picture speaks a thousand words. Hard evidence can be a good way of helping elicit fairer outcomes. And with a significant percentage of collisions involving cyclists being hit from behind or the side, footage can prove vital in identifying who was involved and what happened.

Ultimately, the increasing use of cameras and like devices will hopefully improve road safety by raising driver consciousness and acting as a deterrent.

5 Road Rules every Cyclist wants Motorists to Understand

  1. On a multi-lane road, cyclists can take up any position within the lane


On a multi-lane road, cyclists can take up any position within the lane. Every cyclist is different. Every cyclist rides in a different way. Some like to occupy a central position on the lane – and they are entitled to do so.


  1. Cyclists can overtake another vehicle on the left

Cyclists can overtake another vehicle on the left if it is safe to do so, and unless that vehicle is turning left and indicating they will turn left.


  1. Cyclists can choose whether or not they wish to use a bicycle lane where one is provided.

Cyclists can choose whether or not to occupy a bicycle line. Again, every cyclist is different. Some cyclists may not choose to occupy the bicycle lane – and they are entitled to make this choice.


  1. Cyclists can ride on the road shoulder, across a continuous white-edge line on a bicycle.

Cyclists are entitled to rise on the road shoulder; however, they must give way to vehicles on the road when moving back onto the road across the continuous white edge line.


  1. Cyclists can ride across pedestrian crossings situated at traffic lights if they:

Cyclists can ride across a pedestrian crossing situated at traffic lights if they:-

  • Proceed slowly and safely;
  • Give way to any pedestrian on the crossing;
  • Keep to the left of any oncoming cyclist.

3 Things Cyclists want Motorists to Know

  1. Cyclists want motorists to understand the road rules. 

By gaining a better understanding of the rules regulating cyclists and by following careful practices behind a wheel, motorists will make our roads safer. It is about mutual respect and understanding.

2. Cyclists are closer than they appear

If you are a motorist and are approaching a cyclist on your left, do not try and squeeze past. The bike is closer than it seems. Stop. Slow down. Wait. Whatever it takes. Do not pass until you can leave plenty of room and pass safely.

3. Cyclists are a vulnerable road user. 

Most motorists have a strong respect for cyclists and understand their vulnerability on the road. Unfortunately, there is a small minority of road users who do not share the same understanding, and are ignorant of the vulnerability of cyclists on our roads.

It is a pretty safe bet that is a cyclist comes up against a motor vehicle, the cyclist is going to come off second best. Understand this, and respect all road users.